Paradise Aquatics already maintains a large number of accounts in the KC metropolitan area. Chances are you have been in a dentist's office or a local business and have already seen our work. In business for over 20 years, we do the dirty work so you don't have to. Sit back and enjoy your pride and joy!

Services we offer include:

Installation and setup:
Delivering your new aquarium*
Setting it all up: Install plumbing, sumps, RO/DI units, automatic top off's, aqua-scaping, light installation, custom construction and weight support, upgrading and transfer, etc.

Let our technicians take the time to care for your tank for you. We can visit weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or whatever you like. Services can include algae control, filter cleaning and replacement, glass cleaning, water changes, removing salt creep, etc.

Fish Care:
We excel at keeping your fish healthy and happy: Feeding, stocking, disease management, species compatibility, unique species acquisition, etc.

Coral Care:
Let us care for your coral and invertebrates: Stocking, feeding, placement, species compatibility, disease management, unique species acquisition, supplement dosing, etc.

Hobby Exit:
So you've decided you are taking a break or no longer want to be in the hobby? We will come out and dismantle your tank for you.

Call to set up an estimate or schedule an appointment. 913.339.9060 or e-mail us at

*Delivery for any aquarium component requires a delivery charge. Contact store for details.